BEL AMER aims for “Chocolates suit Japan”.

Flavor, texture and taste are the key points of our chocolates.

In order to create high quality chocolates in Japanese climate,
we make our chocolates by hand at the chocolate specialized atelier
where humidity and temperature are all strictly controlled.


Palet Chocolat

Round tablet chocolate with 6cm diameter and thickness. Our specialty, "Palet Chocolat" has a lot of varieties of flavors.

Seasonal Items

Limited items for Japanese culture and seasons. Seasonally limited items represent Japanese seasonal events such as Mother's day and the Star Festival.

Bonbon Chocolat

Chocolatiers itroduce you maximum over 30 kinds of flavors from the specialized atelier. Find a new encounter!

Baked Rare Cheese Cake

Softly baked cheese cake with orange and strawberry flavored white chocolate ganache.

Baked Confectionery

Traditional baked confectioneries arranged by BEL AMER with chocolates. From butter flavored madelaine to chocolate cake, we keep improving the standard from the open.


A variety of gift items, such as assortments of baked confectioneries and palet chocolats.

Fondant Au Chocolat

Rich taste baked chocolate dessert with ganache inside the smooth and soft dough. Enjoy the smoothness in normal temperature, melty food feeling when heated in a microwave.


Enjoy many varieties of chocolate dessert cakes from chocolate specialty shop. There're many seasonally limited cakes with its season and events.


BEL AMER Kyoto-Bettei
ベルアメール 京都別邸

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